There have been no new Hot Wheels here in Anchorage for the last 5 weeks, the local stores completely skipped the H cases for Hot Wheels. Today I found out why.

I stopped by the store this morning (muffins, donuts, etc..) and found this, a J case four sided display. EDIT: Turns out after further inspection of the codes on the backs of some of the cars that it is and J AND a H display. On the back of the card where it hangs from the peg the last number signifies the 'case' the car came from.

Morris Mini example: BFD69-09B0H The H signifies that it was from the H case.

Needless to say I was delayed for a few. BONUS for those who stay till the end of the post.

It doesn't look it, bad potato, but the Datsun is Red.

The Super Treasure Hunts were LONG gone but I did make some cool finds.

Bonus: Pop Top Mini Press the tab on the bottom and the top pops off. One of Hot Wheels cooler castings.

DOUBLE BONUS!!!! I have TWO Snoopy's to trade. I will have a post in the next day or so to list what I have to trade and what I need. Check back HWEPers. Happy Hunting.

Side note: What do we call our community now? It used to be OPPO's, but now we are independent. HWEPers is to clunky.