Back in the day, Matchbox was what you bought if you wanted decently detailed diecasts of real cars while Hot Wheels was mostly fantasy crap, albeit high quality. I've noticed now that Matchbox has a lot of generic "MBX Firetruck" crap and a couple of real cars while Hot Wheels has higher quality castings of both real and fantasy cars. Also notice most shops don't stock Matchbox the same as Hot Wheels. Most matchbox pegs tend to be empty, not picked through, just vacant. Most Hot Wheels are teeming with cars and are constantly restocked (albeit with the same crap no one wants anymore in the shops by me). Am I crazy or do you guys feel the same way?

Relevant: Lamley group has the Matchbox F Case post, 5 new cars. Woooooow.…


Oshkosh M-ATV might have me slightly interested.