OK, ok... I've finally taken a current photo list of the cars I have to trade. Up until now I've been going by several previous posts, and my memory... which sucks. I had a good trade going, and then realized that the cars I had mentioned to trade with were gone, and had been gone for a month. Now I don't have any excuses.

Here's the list. Used, I only have 5 or 6. The Megane Sport is a Speed Machine, but both the one she kept and this one are missing their GT wings. The 599 XX is also a Speed Machine, but is slightly beat up, with a few paint chips. The GTO Judge is in pretty good shape, as well as the current Camaro race car. The Panamera is decent, as well as the Hayura.

As for the on-card cars, I have two of the 2000GT, two of the green Hayuras, and two of most of the 50th Mustangs.