This is a topic I bring up a lot because I used to love matchbox cars as a kid. Nowadays they have mostly generic fantasy cars and a few real models. Most of my local shops barely even stock them anymore. I was surpised to see the pegs completely full at a walmart a few towns away from me, and with a lot of older Matchbox too. I ended up getting a Dodge Monaco police car as I really liked the casting and figured I'd never find another on the pegs. The cars I usually see are the 4 runner and generic submersible and even then, there are only 2 or 3 on the pegs. Hell there are often more Maistos out on display than Matchbox (and people buy those because it's always differernt models). I would love for Matchbox to be restored back to what they used to be and make fairly well detailed models almost exclusively again. But with the route Mattel has been going with the brand, I wouldn't be too upset to see them off the pegs and replaced with something else altogether.

So what do you guys think? Do you wish Matchbox could go back in time? Do you love their current lineup? Do you even look at them on the pegs or just pass them by completely now?