For someone of Russian heritage, my diecast collection has been strangely devoid of any Russian/Soviet cars.... UNTIL NOW!

Got myself a 1:43 ZiL 112S by DeAgostini. Found it last night and was going to pass seeing as how all the models were in Russia and I didn't feel like paying almost as much for the shipping as for the car. But then I found one in the US. Still wasn't convinced enough to buy it, until I saw that it was located in Warren, MI - maybe 10 minutes from where I live in Royal Oak. I asked the seller if I could swing by to pick it up and not pay shipping if I bought it, and the positive answer was enough for me to push the Buy It Now button. Getting it on Thursday.

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And before everyone starts saying that the Soviets ripped off the Shelby Cobra, I'd like to point out that this predates the iconic roadster by about 2 years. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they were building this to go up against the roadster Shelby based his creation on - the AC Ace, probably with stolen technical information.

The ZiL 112S was powered by a 230hp 6 liter V8 which was able to push the 2,932lb sports car to a top speed of 162mph. Not too shabby considering the 427 (7 liter) Cobra's top speed 4 years later was 164mph. The Cobra was 600lbs lighter though.

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