Let's Talk: Sugar Rush Series I/II

Welcome once again to another edition of Let's Talk.

Today's topic is the Sugar Rush Series.

This set was around for two years, the 1998 Sugar Rush Series and the 1999 Sugar Rush Series II


Each set consisted of 4 cars with licensed candy logos on them.

Let's start with the 1998 series:

- Everyone's favorite, the Reese's Mazda Miata.


- The Hershey's Ford Probe Funny Car.


- The Nestle Crunch Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.


- The Nestle Butterfinger '96 Mustang GT.

Then, there's the 1999 Sugar Rush Series II:


The Nestle Oh Henry! '70 Roadrunner.


The Nestle 100 Grand Jaguar XK8


- The SweeTarts Pikes Peak Celica.


- The Nestle Baby Ruth Dodge Concept Car (Copperhead).

Definitely a sweet selection of cars over two years.

Feel free to discuss these two series and share if you own some below.

Tomorrow, the topic will be one of my personal all-time favorite Hot Wheels cars, the 1998 HW casting called Double Vision.

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