So yesterday my parents came and I got to see the diecast cars that I grew up with.

Apparently they put it in a different box when then move from MI to FL. Now a disclaimer, the cars are only in the top rubbermaid. The bottom one is box# 1 of my legos (theres not that many, i just spent a summer rebuilding them all and never torn them apart). Talk about nostalgia, seeing these cars once again after years of being in storage.

Unfortunately, these wasn't as many Hot Wheels as I though. A bunch of them were Matchbox and....Majorette (a French company?), so I'll need to do some background research on that company. These is also some generic brands, but I'm pretty sure you guys will forgive me :). The reason for wanting/desiring these cars back was so that my daughter will have some great toys to play with growing up.

Anyways, I haven't gone through all of my cars yet, something about being with my family or something. But I quickly grabbedsome that I thought interesting, and a few favorites. Also, forgive the rough appearance of them, they were heavily loved when I was younger.

Matchbox IMSA Mustang - it looks weird, doesn't it? With the body kit on it. It looks like a 70's mustang honestly.


Hot Wheels Baja Bug - I love this one, it was my brothers, but I love its outlandish, 'hey look at me' colors. Plus the tires are sort of rubbery.


Matchbox '82 Audi Quattro 1:58 scale - this one is awesome, look at the clear plastic for the headlights. Also, I noticed that Matchbox doesn't always make 1:64 scale cars, but they do tend to denote when it isn't the the 1:64 scale.

Hot Wheels Mercedes 540K - I know nothing about this car, but I love it's grandiose appearance. Growing up it reminded me of something Cruella Deville drove, or something that was a DD for my grandpa. One of the two :).


I know of two cars, out of maybe 50 or more (i think). I had a...el camino that was blue and had the candy 'nerds' across the hood of it

Majorette El Camino SS 1:59 scale - So I was wrong in my previous post, Its not Nerds but 'Dweebs'. Still, this is one of my favorite cars growing up. I am certain that the ute is the illegitimate child of a truck and car, who's parents refused to let them get married. I believe the truck got custody.


Matchbox Dodge Challenger - I honestly couldn't tell what this was until I looked at the grill then I saw it. But it has a drag-stance so I can appreciate it for what it is.


Hot Wheels Ferrari - I don't know much about this car, but I do like how it looks. Very old school and classic.

Hot Wheels....Baja Breaker? - It doesn't say on the bottom what it is, which is sad. The copy-write is '77, so it is younger than that. Regardless, it is awesome. A manly van if there ever was one. I love the orange body, and the black hood, and don't forget the massive wheels on it. I love this car.


As a added bonus, here's me searching through the container reliving my childhood memories. I'm pretty sure all of you guys have been there.