Vintage Hot Wheels (and more) from the closet at my parents' house

What goodness lies within?

So I took my family down to my folks' house for a couple days and was determined to dig out my old cars. Based on what I found, I suspect that there is either a second cache somewhere, or else my mom got rid of some of them, but I found some that she keeps handy for visiting kids and I liberated a couple that I was specifically looking for, so I'll call it a win.

Most of the trove that I found were mine, but some of my brothers' mixed in too. They are mostly late 80's with some 90's cars; mostly Hot Wheels and Matchbox, with a number of Majorette and some no-names thrown in.

So here they are:


Military vehicles, various brands.

Extra shiny cars, all Hot Wheels


Random cars.

More random cars.


I always liked the ZZ Top '34 Ford (center), although I knew nothing about ZZ Top.

More randomness


Color changers (bottom right) don't look so hot after a while.

My grandpa used to be a farmer and in our family, the only good tractor was a green tractor.


From a (Hot Wheels?) series of post-apocalyptic Road Warrior type cars. There used to be guns and such that plugged into the armor.


Laser wheels (or, since it was the 80's, probably Lazer Wheels). Time has not been terribly kind to the holographic stickers.

Corvettes! These came home with me.


The most 80's-tastic car of the 80's, the Lamborghini Countach (courtesy of Matchbox).

So that was my blast from the past. Sorry about the potato-cam pictures (actually, it's mostly a lighting issue, as usually my potato takes pretty good pictures). In a day or two, I'll have some better pics to share of the cars that came home with me.